Monday, October 17, 2011

This Weekend... (Deadlift)

sucked and was very unproductive. Ah, stress. It didn't help that I had to run our "Body Conditioning" class since we were down a teacher and(for most of the period) a sub. And we have a substitute teacher for English for at least two weeks. And we have midterms this week... Considering this, I think I'll be adding some met-con to my program. I'll have to start out light, and I'm not sure if I should follow my class' programming, or just do my own. And hopefully my collarbone can hold out, because I'm really going to need the endorphins.


3 x 5 Deadlift (105/120/135#)

Pretty easy, except for the last set of course. My knee wasn't weird at all either, so that's good :) We'll see how press goes on wednesday.

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