Monday, October 17, 2011

Front Squat/Push/"Knee Tucks"

3 x 5 Front Squat (70/80/90#)

followed by

3 rounds of:
20 Wall Push Ups
15 "Knee Tucks" - my track coaches call them kick-outs, but they do them faster while Convict Conditioning recommends a 2-1-2 cadence.

The front squats were definitely heavy, haha. The last set was really tough, I only to made it to 4 before I had to rack it. Also, there was a slight rounding of my back when it started getting tough, so I should probably add back extensions as an assistance exercise. I also think that I'll go all the way down on these, since one of the reasons I'm working on front squats is to improve my cleans. I'm very flexible, so it would be beneficial to develop strength in the bottom position of the clean.

My collarbone is also feeling 100% better from Wednesday, yay :) 

I'm also in the process of planning my workouts for my upcoming excursion to Spain. My sister will be studying abroad in Madrid for the winter quarter, so my Nana and I will be traveling with her in Spain during winter break. I'm working on figuring out which CrossFit gym(s) in Madrid to visit, including transportation, etc. so that my Nana would be more likely to accept my proposition. Fun stuff :)

So far, I'm liking the strength portion of my program, but it still feels lacking. I'll definitely be re-evaluating my program over the weekend, in between getting a new passport and getting my act together before next week's midterms.

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