Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yesterday's WOD

3 x 5 Strict Press (40/50/55#)

Ahahaha, this weight was so puny :) In the first set, my left elbow was feeling a little funny, but I popped it and it was fine after that. But however light the weight seemed, my collarbone didn't like it :(

AC = Acromioclavicular Joint
SC = Sternoclavicular joint

Last Night:
     - Pulling shoulders forward: right SC hurts, kind of a sharp pain
     - Pulling shoulders back: both sides hurt, the right a little more than the left.
     - Pulling shoulders down: same
     - Pulling shoulders up: nothing
     - Rotating (forward and back): equal pain
     - Arm Across Chest - nothing

This Morning and Today:
     - Forward: AC hurts more, right side of course
     - Back: same
     - Down: nothing
     - Rotating: nothing
     - Arm Across: nothing

So now, I'm icing it, and I plan to go ahead with next week's press workout. I will ice soon afterwards though, and see if that makes any difference.

Two steps forward, one step back :)

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