Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rest Day... Kinda

Today, our "Body Conditioning" class had their final, Fight Gone Bad. We do it a little differently to tailor to the students' skill levels and also because we don't have rowers. We substitute jump rope singles for rowing(10 jumps = 1 rep), we use kettlebells for SDLHP (20kg/24kg), we use lower weights on push press (65/45#), we do throwdowns(20/12#) instead of wall balls(I don't know why however, since we have dynamax balls, and everyone is fully capable of doing wall balls), and our boxes are lower, partly because the kids in wood shop apparently either don't know how to measure, or they don't know trigonometry/basic geometry.

It was "kinda" a rest day because I was running around a lot setting stuff up, putting stuff away, and cleaning bars that people dropped from push press. I took some video, I'll try to upload it tomorrow (10/23).

I'm pretty excited because this new girl, Kelci Marsh, got the third best score on FGB on her first try. She got 306, which is 70 reps behind what I got this same time last year. I don't really have any competition in this class, but it looks like she'll be a challenge in the future :) I'll have to make sure to set some records that will be hard for her to break next year.

This day I also had my psychology final, which I aced of course. Though it didn't help that I didn't have time during first period finals to finish my study guides, even though I was able to complete them in record time before we actually too the final.

And then.... studying for Friday's finals... So I got distracted for an hour watching kitty videos on YouTube, then again reading articles. So I ended up staying up until four in the morning, trying to finish my study guide and newspaper project. The newspaper project turned out alright, AP Bio... not so much. I'm just glad it's over.

But I digress. For your entertainment:

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