Monday, January 23, 2012

Back in Business

Last Friday was a really good day. Right now I'm in fourth period "PE 4," which has a few advanced students from the "weight training" classes with a bunch of varsity baseball and softball players. So I have a lot more athletic females in my class than I ever have, and along with preparing for the Open, healing completely, and the upcoming track season, this semester will be very challenging.

3 rounds for time:
Pull Ups
Sit Ups

Last Friday had a lot of burpees and pull ups, which have challenged my collarbone in the past. However, I felt fantastic and completed the WOD with minimal rest and ZERO PAIN. My collarbone didn't even hurt afterward. I am very hopeful for these upcoming weeks, though this week wil certainly be much harder. Today we have the Benchmark WOD Angie, which is always guaranteed to leave me sore everywhere. And we'll probably be doing Barbara, Chelsea and even Death By Burpees this week. I'll let you know how Angie goes if I don't pass out when I get home :)

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