Monday, December 5, 2011


Last Wednesday we did a workout called Blair, max reps of push press. I've had an interesting history with this workout to say the least... The first time I did this workout, I thought that 45# would be a good weight. I hadn't been working out for very long, and my rotator cuff was still in recovery. But I ended up getting over 200 reps, thanks to my cheering friends who urged me on when I wanted to let go at 100(many expletives were involved). So the next time I did the workout, I used 65#. I got 30 reps, but then my friend got 31 reps, so of course I did the workout again and got 32 reps. Obviously, still not a max effort, but close. This time, I used 65 again and got 27 reps on my second try. The first try I started out too slow, and the second time I started out too quickly, but it wasn't worth a third try. Part of me was disappointed that I didn't get/beat the best score of the day for a female with 65# (35 reps I believe). Competition seems to drive me more than anything else, the chance to prove to myself and others that I'm the best. However, I need to remember that this phase of training isn't about competing, it's about healing. So I'm satisfied that I got just 5 reps less of my previous effort. After the workout, I got this strong feeling that I should do some handstand holds, so I did. I did three sets of 30 second holds. And it felt great :) I was shaking a lot towards the end, and I could feel that the workout and the holds were taxing my core. As an added bonus, my collarbone barely hurt afterwards. Progress :)


  1. Those handstand holds are great! Try and see how long you can hold one for, my PR is 3 mins 2's a mental thing towards the end. Great job on Blair... I gotta try this one! Nice to see your blogging again.. I have to start back up! Keep up the good work :))

  2. Wooooow, I start shaking at about 20 seconds, I can't wait to get up to 3 minutes! They're like planks for your shoulders :) And yeah blogging regularly has been harder than I thought :/ Are you looking forward to the Open?