Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in Business

10 Snatch (45#)
20 Clean (45#)
30 DB Thrusters (10#)
40 Front Squat (35#)
50 Push Press (35#)
60 Box Jumps
70 Pull Ups
80 Push Ups
90 Air Squats
100 Sit Ups

Today I decided to scratch what I what doing, and just follow my high school's programming. And it was great :) I'm pretty happy with today, a nice chipper was exactly what I needed. I did get a little light-headed throughout the workout, and I had to stop and rest more times than I would have liked. I could have gone a little bit heavier on pretty much everything, but this was good for starting out. I modified push ups and pull ups by doing then on an incline. Right now I'm icing my collarbone, which is a little sore, but not as bad as its been in the past. I just feel so much better :)
Random pic of the day :)

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